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Why being EDGY wins

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by goals. You can’t help but wonder sometimes if you’re way in over your head.

It’s a normal feeling. But how we react to that feeling is what makes all the difference.

Dan Waldschmidt, author of EDGY Conversations, has studied how ordinary people achieve success against all odds. EDGY is his acronym for the behaviors he found that drive success.

After studying 1000 high performers, he saw that they were Extreme in their beliefs and behaviors. They demonstrate a maniacal focus and Discipline for getting things done.

They are Givers – intentionally and almost automatically. And they understand the (Y)Human side of life – they understand how pain, fear, and failure impact those around them.

High performers don’t spend time with doubters, they continue moving forward. High performers believe that achieving dreams is rooted in hard work. They’re relentless about putting in the sweat equity that dreams require.

EDGY high performers embrace honesty, reject excuses, and welcome opportunities for continuous improvement.

Finally, the human element is perhaps the most important. Compassion, insight, and thoughtfulness are endearing and attractive qualities that tie it all together.

Have a great week.

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