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There is nothing worse than a poor fit.

Whether it’s shoes, services – or even people – when a fit isn’t good, it’s painful, unproductive and unsustainable.

Ian Altman, author of “Same Side Selling” summarizes the essence of his book with the acronym FIT, which stands for Finding Impact Together.

Altman says FIT is a mantra that can be useful at nearly every stage of the sales process and customer relationship. FIT is a guiding star and a conscience check.

It’s a safe and productive approach that keeps everyone’s best interests in mind. Here’s why:

Finding means seeking and discovering. It means asking questions, delving deeper and truly trying to understand a customer’s situation and what they’re trying to get done.

Impact is about determining if your solutions can solve real problems. It’s not about you, or your features or functionality. It’s about real results – making an impact.

Together means being collaborative and cooperative. It’s got to be good for everyone – you, your customers, your colleagues, and your shareholders.

Nobody wants to be sold. But we all have problems that need to be solved.

Stop selling, start solving, and focus on FIT.

It’s the only way to being truly useful, honestly helpful – and highly profitable.

Have a great week.

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