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Getting out of a rut

We all lose the spark of productivity and creativity from time to time.

We grow too familiar with the same places and tasks. We see obstacles everywhere. And we get tired of capitulating to colleagues who overrule ideas that “won’t work because they’ve been tried too many times.”

A good groove can turn into a rut if you don’t change things up once in a while.

Here are some ways to inject new energy and creativity:

  • Think new. New assignments. New markets. New people. New learning. You can reinvigorate yourself with new challenges. Stop carrying old baggage and look at things in a new way.
  • Capitalize on obstacles. Necessity is the mother of invention. Start with small obstacles, move on to big ones, and keep going until you run out. (You won’t!)
  • Teach what you know. Put your thoughts in writing, share them with others, and spread the knowledge. Learning begets more learning and promotes a culture of curiosity.

When you enhance your on-the-job creativity, you make it more interesting for yourself so you can contribute your best self.

Have a great week.

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