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How to reach peak mental state

The way you start your day can change your entire life.

Research shows that most successful people follow strict morning routines. Of course, no one can achieve the same routine every day, but striving for consistency can do wonders for your outlook and productivity. Here are the fundamentals:

  1. Train your brain to get what you want.We only hear and see things that our brain is looking for like opportunities and experiences. So think about the future – deeply – and what will make it meaningful for you.
  2. Great days start the night before. Look at your calendar, create a very short to-do list, and settle in for sleep.
  3. Wake up early and immediately. The most successful people get up early – before 6 a.m. Give yourself time and space in the quietest time of the day. And the first decision you make, the one to wake up, should be handled quickly and confidently. It sets the tone.
  4. Get into a different space. New areas bring new energy so go to your home office, kitchen, gym, or whatever space energizes you.
  5. Read, write, meditate or pray. Neville Goddard says “Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” To plan and visualize the future you’ve got to do it calmly and creatively – when our brains are most malleable.

Getting your mind into a peak state is the key to having a productive day, every day.

And productive days lead to a wildly imaginative future filled with joy and success.

Have a great week.

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