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Kick in the pants

Ever feel stuck in neutral? Having trouble getting started? Not sure what to do next?

All pretty normal and natural feelings, but the key is to shake those feelings fast.

Sometimes you just need a good kick in the pants.

Marie Forleo is the author of Everything is Figureoutable and I checked out one of her recent webinars to promote her new book. It was smart and funny and best of all, it was a good reminder of the common barriers to success we all face – and what to do about them.

Barrier #1 – Lack of Clarity. Decide what you want and commit to it 100 percent. Wishy washy goals equals wishy washy results. Get clear.

Barrier #2 – Excuses. Eliminate excuses. Can’t means won’tmost of the time. Can’t disempowers us. Won’t empowers us. It’s about being 100 percent responsible for our actions.

Barrier #3 – One Key Missing Belief. Install this important master belief: Everything is Figureoutable. Beliefs are the roots for our fruits. Believe it and do it.

But’s it not enough to know about these barriers and solutions. We’ve got to internalize these ideas, and train our brains with repetition.

Work through these problems, and write down the solutions. Make little signs for your desk or office. Put them in action.

Figureoutable may be a made up word, but it’s got real meaning and implications.

Have a great week.

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