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Why motion creates emotion

Think what you will about the Tony Robbins brand of motivation but I have to admit it’s never been that appealing to me.

Until a couple of months ago.

That’s when I watched the Netflix documentary “I Am Not Your Guru,” a behind-the-scenes film about his 7-day signature motivational seminar that takes place just once a year.

I always thought of him as a perfectly polished guru, but as the title of the film clearly states, he is not that, and does want to be that.

But he is an expert communicator who’s also very knowledgeable about emotions and how to control them.

Robbins says energy is an essential ingredient for success. We all need high levels of energy to deal with daily challenges, big and small.

He maintains that you need to get out of your own head and do things, especially things that scare you, in order to get your energy up. Studies show that people retain more and are more emotionally engaged when they’re physically engaged.

As Robbins puts it, “motion creates emotion.”

In the documentary Robbins is constantly moving in his personal daily routine, and also onstage. It shows him work out and meditate at his home, immerse himself in his 57-degree plunge pool, and then jump on a trampoline backstage just before going out to welcome his 2,500 seminar attendees.

Robbins then went up and down the aisles with big gestures, good projection, and lots of clapping.

When the energy felt low, Robbins got people on their feet to do things. He gave them the freedom to show aggression by screaming, and to show affection by hugging someone nearby.

The more people moved around, the better the energy in the room. It gave people the energy to tackle some hard, emotional work.

Need an energy boost to drive an emotional boost?

Jump up and down, wave your arms, clap your hands, or turn the shower handle to pure cold for two minutes each morning.

In business or in life, you can’t do much without energy. To make something last, you need passion, and passion requires energy.

Check out Robbins in motion.

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