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Closed-mindedness will slow down learning, stifle growth and kill a career.

Philosopher billionaire Ray Dalio says that closed-mindedness is one of the most serious threats to success. Here are the traits of open-minded individuals:

Open-minded people get curious, not angry, when there is disagreement. They understand that they might be wrong and that it’s worth the time to consider the other person’s views to make sure they’re not making a mistake.

Open-minded people are genuinely willing to consider other answers and change their minds. Another famous billionaire, Jeff Bezos, says that a willingness to change one’s mind is one off the most valuable traits in leaders and entrepreneurs.

Open-minded people see things through others’ eyes. Another perspective keeps the wheels turning and solutions coming.

Open-minded people ask questions rather than make statements. They also focus more on the future by asking about “how do we do it differently next time?”

Open-minded people encourage other ideas, alternative opinions, and healthy debates.

Open-minded people can hold two or more conflicting concepts in their mind to assess their relative merits.

Open-minded people approach everything with a deep-seated fear that they may be wrong.

Open-minded teams will always get much more done than closed-minded teams. Look for open-mindedness, probe on it, and test for it.

It can be the difference in being good or being great.

Have a great week.

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