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Try getting someone to go along with your idea, cause, product or service if they don’t like you.

Of course we all know it doesn’t work, at least not for very long.

Good rapport is a critical element of communication, relationship-building – and business.

Sandler Training says this basic tenet is important because:

  • People who are like one another, tend to like one another.
  • People who like one another, tend to trust one another.
  • People tend  to do business with people they trust.

People want to be:

  • Heard
  • Understood

All things being equal:

  • People buy from people they like.
  • People like people who are like themselves.
  • Therefore, people buy from people who are like themselves.

This doesn’t mean you become a mirroring robot, trying to replicate all the mannerisms and interests of your colleagues, clients and prospects. But it does take some technique and practice.

Here are some top tips for creating quality connections:

Be curious.
When you lead with curiosity and ask thoughtful questions that allow people to share and open up, you build a connection, and that leads to trust. The easiest way to show your new acquaintance you’re interested in them is by listening and making an effort to find out more.

Be candid.
A little honesty goes a long way and makes you more vulnerable and appealing. By being candid, you are able to quickly develop rapport with others, as they know they can get straight answers and opinions.

Find common interests.
Identify things you already have in common. Discover outside interests — sports, hobbies, travel — and find what similar interests you share with the person.

Be yourself.
Focus on authenticity even when interests don’t necessarily align. Be friendly, ask questions and follow through on promises.

Spend time together in person.
Communicating online is convenient but it can often take much longer to build rapport. Spending time in person is usually when your relationships grow most.

Share value.
You’re both hoping to get something out of this relationship. So start off strong by finding a way to give away something that will be useful and meaningful to the other person.

If you’re going to build bridges of trust that turn into business, you’ve got to start with the pillars of rapport. Build it – for your benefit and the benefit of those around you.

Have a great week.

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