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Work is a team sport.

And though individual resiliency is often identified as a success factor, team resiliency is just as important.

A survey of 2,000 NCAA coaches recently outlined in the HBR reveals the four most important things that resilient teams have in common:

They believe. Team members collectively believe that they can effectively complete tasks. They are confident, but not too confident.
They share a common mental model. When team members share an accurate understanding of what needs to be done and how their roles — and the roles of others — fit into the big picture, they are well positioned to perform. They double-check details and back each other up.
They improvise. They must creatively reconfigure plans based on changing circumstances and past experiences.
They trust. Resilient teams respect one another’s thoughts and trust that they will not be ridiculed or rejected for speaking up. More diversity leads to more ideas and solutions.

But these characteristics can’t be summoned instantly. They require good coaching and preparation along the way.

Good coaches prepare teams by building confidence with clarity, vision and cross-training. They remind their teams in the heat of the moment of their resiliency. And they reflect thoughtfully afterwards with debriefings and discussions.

Team resilience isn’t easy to build, but it’s absolutely necessary for teams that win – and last.

Have a great week.

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