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New year, next play – get on with it

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” – Stephen King
Planning for the new year can sometimes seem unnecessarily complicated. This is why I like the above quote from Stephen King. It’s important to have a vision, but we’ve simply got to get up and get to work.

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I think Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski’s motto is another good reminder on moving forward. Coach K has won more games than any other men’s college basketball coach in history.

He yells “next play” after every play in all of his games.  It’s his way of reminding his team that no matter what happened previously – good or bad – it’s time to move on and focus on the next task.

Here’s how Coach K describes his philosophy:

“In basketball and in life, I have always maintained the philosophy of ‘next play.’ Essentially, what it means is that what you have just done is not nearly as important as what you are doing right now. The ‘next play‘ philosophy emphasizes the fact that the most important play of the game or life moment on which you should always focus is the next one. It is not about the turnover I committed last time down the court, it’s not even about the three-pointer I hit to tie the game, it is about what’s next.

To waste time lamenting a mistake or celebrating success is distracting and can leave you and your team unprepared for what you are about to face. It robs you of the ability to do your best at that moment and to give your full concentration. It’s why I love basketball. Plays happen with rapidity and there may be no stop-action. Basketball is a game that favors the quick thinker and the person who can go on to the next play the fastest.”

There are abundant opportunities out there. It’s time to get up, go to work, and focus on the next play.

Have a great week.

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