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Fresh content that sells: customer case studies, white papers, eBooks, and other smart sales tools attract more prospects and sell more, faster.


Customer Case Studies

You get start-to-finish customer case study research, writing, design, and production, all in one place. We do it with more speed and skill – it’s all we do. 

The 1-Pager (Research, write, design, edit, photo, 1-page)

This single-page narrative is an ideal quick-read format that covers the important details and gets your client front and center. The situation, challenges, needs and solutions are all captured in one place with an emphasis on being short, sweet and to the point.

The 2-Pager (Research, interview, write, design, edit, photos, pull-quotes, 2-pages)

This two-page story delivers more details and client contact background so readers get to know the players and decision-making process behind the business relationship. The interviewing and reporting is more in-depth and personal, so additional quotes, benefits, and results can be highlighted.


Sales Tools for Sales Teams

Give your sales team the tools they need to open conversations, advance conversations and finalize sales.

eBook Buying Guide (Research, interview, competitive scan, tables, charts, write, design, edit, photos, 6 to 8-page buying guide)

This buying guide gives your prospects everything they need to intelligently buy a product or service like yours. This instructive, in-depth document allows you to gain the position of expert and educator. You show people how to make smart, informed buying decisions so they get what’s best for them. And business follows when you give away advice, knowledge, perspective and valuable information up front.

White Paper (Research, interview, write, design, edit, graphics, 2-page white paper)

You have to bring your unique business proposition to life, and a point-of-view white paper is one of the best ways to do that. This should be a fun and engaging position piece that shows how you think about your area of expertise. It should fit with your strategy and be built to last so your prospects, partners, and other collaborators can quickly understand your reason for being.

People, Process and Product Video (Research, interview, write, design, edit, script, video record, post-editing, 1-minute finished video)

Video is one of the most effective ways to tell stories and market your company. Put your executives out front, feature your customers, discuss your results. Video content can increase traffic to your site and draw in those that prefer to learn through video clips. We make it easy and affordable.

Rapid Results for News, Search, Social and Sales


Put your new sales tools to work quickly in all of your news, search and social channels. We design and implement a plan for you so new content gets created and out the door:

  • We put your new sales tools to work through email marketing, direct mail, sales team seminars, social media, media relations and much more
  • We produce targeted lead generation mailings and integration with other sales tools: marketing kits, websites, trade shows, press kits, proposals, and industry periodicals
  • We promote your new customer case studies and sales tools and get people reading them