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Why we love case studies.

And why you should, too.


Winning hearts, minds and business


It’s hard to find more enjoyable and inspiring reading than well-written, engaging stories of winning. We love heroes that save the day, underdogs that triumph over larger opponents, and case studies of will power and intelligence that result in success.

Tom Peters’ In Search of Excellence and Jim Collins’ Good to Great are based on in-depth research about companies and their people, strategies, operations and plan execution. They are real stories about people enduring the challenges of daily business life and finding a way to succeed with grace and style.

At ClientKudos, we capture the same stories for you. We specialize in the research, writing, design, and production of your case studies and other fresh content in the form of white papers, eBooks, and thought-leadership articles. We are Your Case Study Experts that deliver high-impact, high-utility customer case studies that help you build awareness, credibility and trust – and ultimately, win more business.

Case studies are being used today more than ever, and for good reason:

  • accelerated credibility;
  • shortened sales cycles; and
  • more attraction, engagement, and increased sales.

Our purpose is simple: from start-to-finish, we produce case studies that help you preserve existing revenue, and drive new revenue opportunities. We create your case studies with speed, professionalism, and journalistic excellence.

Our business is dedicated to serving the entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and small business owners like you who do great work, deliver results, and want to win in the marketplace. Your client cases studies are authentic and engaging – and merit being told well. We want to help you tell your story, win more business, and prosper for many years to come.

John Stevenson Bio



John is the founder of ClientKudos and is responsible for taking great care of clients. In 23 years of experience with high-growth entrepreneurial companies, he’s observed a very important winning characteristic – a steadfast service commitment to employees and clients, and now he brings the same tradition to ClientKudos.

John has firsthand experience communicating the benefits of complex products and services, and building multi-million dollar pipelines. He knows what it takes to open conversations, advance opportunities, and ultimately earn new business.

John believes there’s real beauty and value in simplicity, and that success can be achieved with a rather basic formula: treat people right, cultivate curiosity, and do what you say you’re going to do. John lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his wife, Sarah Jane, and their four children.