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Start better conversations – creating good dialogue

A good conversation is the start, and the foundation, for great relationships and experiences. Here’s one of the best ways to get the ball rolling.

jim collins
Jim Collins

The best experiences in our lives – love, business ideas, charitable organizations – all begin with simple conversations. We connect, we converse to gain understanding and awareness, and we’re motivated to act based on what we learn and feel.

Hall of Fame business consultant and author Jim Collins says getting started on the right foot in a conversation is key and he suggests this simple question:  Where are you from?

It is the ultimate open-ended question, allowing for maximum flexibility in a response. A person might reference his childhood home, or current location, or even further qualify and open up about aspirations for other destinations. There is usually some finding from this easy question that gives you other clues on how to connect.

Dan Pink also finds this question to be friendlier and easier to answer than What do you do? That can be an uncomfortable question if someone isn’t happy with her job or is concerned that others will pass judgement.

Dan Pink
Dan Pink

Show genuine interest, open things up, and trigger interesting tangents in your next new conversations with this short and easy question.

Have a great week.

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