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The Magic Email – The Sunday Snippet – [7.14.13]

How to create an email that gets the attention of C-level decision-makers.

The email Inbox is the dashboard for our personal and professional lives. It’s also a busy place where “To Read” or “Not To Read” decisions are made in a matter of a few seconds — at most.

ray ruecker
            Ray Ruecker

Writing and designing an email that gets opened and read involves a bit of art and science. Whether you’re trying to build support for your idea, your cause, or your business, it pays to know what works.

My friend and colleague, Ray Ruecker, the founder and managing director of Connect 5000 knows about writing emails that gain attention and secure meetings. Leads are important, but meetings are critical for further qualification and opportunity development. Ray’s firm helps technology companies all over the country set meetings with decision-makers.

Ray’s method for setting meetings begins with a very effective email formula that he’s been kind enough to share with business owners and job-seekers who attend his regular seminars on the topic.  I’ve used Ray’s email template successfully in my own business. In fact, I call it the Magic Email and share it as often as I can with fellow entrepreneurs.

You’ll need to tailor it to your own business and industry, but here are the key elements of the Magic Email:

  1. Attention-Getting Subject Line. You need to arouse curiosity. Ray often recommends “Should we talk?” or “Noticed your LinkedIn profile.”
  2. Start with the problem. We’re all in constant problem-solving mode so this is a good way to engage. “Paying too much for car insurance?” speaks to our expense reduction challenges immediately.
  3. State your Why. Be short, sweet, and to-the-point on your fix for the problem. “We help you speed up buying decisions and reinforce great client relationships.”
  4. Mention clients, accomplishments and results. This provides social proof. “We’re trusted by some of the world’s best companies including Ford, IBM, and Procter & Gamble. We’ve helped them gain thousands of new customers.”
  5. Ask for the meeting. You need to finish strong and ask for a specific time to talk. “I have some ideas about how we can increase your pipeline and shorten your sales cycle. Would you have time to talk on Friday at 9 or 11?”

The Magic Email template will go a long way in helping you rise above the noise, and can result in a 2 to 10 percent response rate. However, if you really want to boost your meeting rates, you’ll need to follow up by phone as well.

Ray’s advice for leaving a great voicemail:  use the talking points of your Magic Email.

Need another set of eyes to look at your Magic Email? Send it over and I’ll give you an idea or two for tuning it up. If you’d like to see the Magic Email that I use for my business, simply drop me a note and I’ll shoot it over.

Have a great week.

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