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Selecting stunning colleagues

Since 1997, Netflix has become famous for its precision and consistent growth. The video streaming giant now has 17 million subscribers and a market cap of $61 billion.

A big part of its success is driven by its focus on creating what it calls a great workplace. A great workplace is not free lunches, lavish parties, or designer offices.

A great workplace is first and foremost about having stunning colleagues.

Netflix does happen to offer many amenities and generous benefits, but only because they help in attracting and retaining stunning colleagues.

The company is also clear about its policy on the opposite of stunning colleagues: no brilliant jerks allowed. Even if you’re good, you’re not worth it if you don’t play well with others.

So what are the hallmarks of stunning colleagues? Here are the nine behaviors and skills that Netflix values most in hiring and promotions:

  1. Judgement. You make wise decisions about people, resources and priorities.
  2. Communication. You listen well and respond calmly, even in stressful times.
  3. Impact. You accomplish amazing amounts of important work.
  4. Curiosity. You learn rapidly and eagerly.
  5. Innovation. You find practical solutions to hard problems.
  6. Courage. You say what you think even if controversial, and you question activities that are inconsistent with company values.
  7. Passion. You inspire others with your thirst for excellence.
  8. Honesty. You are known for candor and directness.
  9. Selflessness. You seek what is best for the company, you help colleagues, and you share information openly.

Stunning colleagues are the real competitive advantage in any organization.

They tackle problems enthusiastically, they listen with patience, and they find a way to get stuff done no matter the obstacles at hand.

Stunning colleagues may not be easy to find, but they’re well worth the extra effort when you do.

Have a great week.

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