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Four pillars of renewal: How to renew your strength and handle stress better

Let’s face it, there’s no getting rid of stress. But there are ways to reduce its corrosive effects on our mind and body.
every day is a time for renewal

We know that stress produces neurochemicals of cortisol and epinephrine which, when produced in large quantities, can cause physical and mental ailments that add up fast:  high blood pressure, depression, muscular pain, and headaches can take their toll.

James R. Bailey is the Hochberg Professor of Leadership Development at George Washington University and over the past three years has interviewed 127 senior executives across 18 countries to explore how they renew themselves in the face of persistent pressure.

When it comes to renewal, what he found was an interesting combination of activities that fall roughly into four main categories:

Health – Good exercise, sleep and diet.

Escape – Concerts, plays, movies, and sporting events.

Intellectual – Puzzles, games, collecting, reading, writing, or making things.

Introspection – Prayer, meditation, talk therapy, and support groups.

Clenched teeth and masked feelings only make things worse. Relentless tension eventually breaks even the best of us.

The best way to get through high-stress situations is to get away from them, at least temporarily. When we take time to release, restore and renew, we find the strength and energy to get through anything.

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