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“Study hard. Laugh often. Keep your honor.”  

Tim Russert was one of the best when it came to interviewing and reporting on U.S. Presidents, Senators, and world leaders, yet had the common sense and kindness to write fondly about his modest upbringing in Buffalo, New York, in his 2004 book “Big Russ & Me.”

Study hard, laugh often, keep your honor
Tim Russert
In the book, he writes about the hard work, steadiness and modesty of his father, Timothy Joseph “Big Russ” Russert, a truck driver and sanitation man. He writes about what he learned and how it shaped his own outlook on fatherhood.

Russert describes dropping his son Luke Russert off at Boston College:

“Before I drove off, I gave him some simple advice: “Study hard. Laugh often. Keep your honor.” I hope I’ve taught him to make good decisions and that I’ve given him a strong moral foundation to do the right thing. When my life is over, I know that the most important thing I’ll be judged on is what kind of father I was.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, grandfathers, family leaders, and other mentors that keep families strong and prepare future generations to do the right thing.

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