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How we perceive our options – framing – especially in a time of adversity, can make all the difference in staying productive and positive.

It’s especially important when trying to find possibilities and opportunities in uncertainty, rather than retreating in panic.

Framing – or re-framing – a challenge can make it easier to deal with. Here are some common frames:

Learning – it’s not that “I’m bad at this” but rather “I haven’t figured it out yet.”
Gratitude – it’s not “I have to” but rather “I get to.”
Randomness – tough times aren’t always our fault. It’s not “I’m in control” but rather “I’m making the best of reality.”
Hero – the hero’s journey is about taking on any obstacle and having the will to power through it. An obstacle isn’t a sign to stop. It’s a sign to carry on.

Your mindset, and how you frame a problem, determines whether a problem is, well, problematic – or an opportunity in disguise.

Have a great week.

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