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How to be inspiring

Inspiring ourselves or others is all about creating the urge to do something.

It’s that swelling of emotion inside that compels us to get up out of our seats and go do something. It’s that motivation to do our best work, set higher goals, and achieve them.

To be a really great leader, you’ve got to inspire others. And it requires a special mix of enthusiasm, empathy and energy.

In order to lift spirits and inspire those around you to achieve greater results, you’ve got to focus on these behaviors:

Share vision and enthusiasm. People won’t follow you if they don’t know where you’re going. Be clear on vision and goals, and then be enthusiastic about it. Talk about what success looks like. Paint a picture of achievement. It activates your teams, and more importantly, it’s contagious.

Show you care and connect. It’s not enough to lead cheers from a stage. Walk around and talk to people. Be interested, not interesting. Ask questions and look for ways to help people clear hurdles, get unstuck and push through setbacks.

Walk the walk. Don’t delegate away the most sensitive projects and work. Get in the mix on mission critical tasks. Pay attention to the details and lend help where you can. You’re in a leadership role because you likely have above average big picture and communication skills – apply them.

When you inspire others to care more, go farther, and achieve excellence it pays off all around.

Team morale improves. Productivity goes up. More stuff gets done, and not just done, but done right.

Have a great week.

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