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Momentum powers motivation: how to cultivate it

Being stuck is the worst. No one likes to be part of an endless project with no goal line in sight.

It’s a sure path to burnout, and a waste of time, money, energy and emotion.

Momentum, on the other hand, motivates. It drives you. It excites you.

Progress, forward motion – quick wins – do wonders for morale and enthusiasm. Even a tiny bit of momentum can be the jolt you need to inspire yourself and your team.

You need small victories.

The most exciting small victories come from releasing your products, services and communications into the marketplace.

And getting customers to provide feedback, or even buy new stuff? Well, that’s the icing on the cake.

Forget 2-month launch timelines and figure out a way to launch something in two weeks. Here’s how:

Conceive it – determine what’s meaningful, marketable and feasible.
Believe it – visualize the steps to success.
Achieve it – put resources against it and start immediately. Speed wins.

Have an idea? Frame it up and get it out the door. And tell people what you’re doing. That makes it real and holds you accountable.

Then let customers handle it, try it, respond to it and help you iterate on it.

Even small affirmations are good news. If you create a cadence of communications and celebrations every two weeks it energizes your team.

Need a new sales tool, collateral piece or campaign?

Write it, design it, and send it. This week.

Don’t let time smother your sparks of creativity and inspiration.

The quicker you act, the more momentum you will gain, and the better off you’ll be.

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