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Use power words to get powerful results from your writing

Whether you’re writing ads, articles, or emails, simple word selection can make a big difference in driving results versus being ignored. You’ve got to be sure to use power words in your writing if you want people to notice and do something.

Attractive art like photos and illustration can grab attention, but experienced communicators know that if you want to connect and compel action, you need to add these words to your writing and speaking:

“You” — Few things light us up quite like seeing and hearing our own names. We become more engaged, and more trusting when a message has our name in it.

Free — Dan Ariely, in his book “Predictably Irrational,” describes a study with chocolate truffles and Hershey’s Kisses that was quite counterintuitive: when the Kisses were advertised as free, people chose them over the truffles by 38% even though the truffles were finer chocolate and the price difference was just a penny.

Because —Influence and persuasion researcher Robert Cialdini found that people were more willing to heed to a request when people used the word “because” even if the request was ridiculous (e.g., “Can I check out my groceries first because I’m finished shopping?”).

Instantly — We all want things immediately and fast rewards are best of all. Let people know you’ll solve their problem faster, and they’ll be more inclined to buy.

New — Novelty and newness make us happy with our purchases. But be careful, new products are appealing, while new brands are viewed as not yet trustworthy.

Persuasion is often driven by vocabulary. Incorporating the power words above will help you gain attention and get more accomplished.

Have a great week.

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