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Attraction: getting rid of neediness and letting things come to you

The more you chase something, the more it moves away from you.

We’ve all had this experience with love, money, business, and influence.

We try too hard. We push too much. We press and become desperate.

And neediness in any form is usually repellent. It’s a vicious cycle we see with negative thinking and a lack of something.

Negative thoughts, perceived shortages, and a seeming lack of opportunities will only exacerbate those problems.

The key is to stay on the other side of that thinking. Because what we think about and believe, we tend to do.

Which is why the first rule of attraction is to stop chasing things and become more like a magnet.

  1. Act like you don’t need it and you’ll be more likely to attract it. The less we press, the more likely we are to listen, absorb, energize and enable.

This also helps us de-clutter our thinking and remove old, unhealthy thoughts and experiences. Which brings us to rule number two of attraction:

  1. Create space to attract new thoughts and actions. Hitting the reset button every once in a while is important. It interrupts bad patterns and makes room for new growth.

Finally, we’ve got to make the best of any present situation.

  1. The present is always perfect. Make your current reality as perfect as possible. Make the best of a bad job. Use the money you have wisely. Master it and be happy, and the next thing you know your perfect job or more money will come along.

More happiness, satisfaction and success is just around the corner. And it will come to you if you let it.

Have a great week.

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