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Setbacks and how to deal with them

Even the most successful among us encounter professional setbacks.

Jobs are lost. Clients are lost. Money is lost.

But successful people are not people who never have setbacks. They are people that handle setbacks well. They know how to use setbacks as a springboard for better performance in the future.

In order to handle setbacks successfully, you’ve got to compartmentalize the setback and move on quickly. Here are four ways to reframe your thinking and put the setback behind you:

You can stumble only if you’re moving. You become complacent, uncompetitive and paralyzed if you spend too much time trying to avoid setbacks. Action, adaptation and learning are always rewarded.

Take the persecutor’s perspective. If you’ve been fired, rejected, or berated, take time to consider why it happened, from the other person’s perspective. This can teach you how to avoid it in the future.

Depressing questions produce depressing answers. Asking Why me?…does no good. Instead, ask What next?…What can I control?…Who can I ask for help?…Asking growth questions will yield new growth.

Setbacks are temporary. This rollercoaster of life has peaks and valleys – that no one can avoid. You’re not alone. It happens to everyone. Setbacks don’t last forever.

Setbacks make us stronger. They help us build emotional muscle for the next one. And they make success even sweeter.

Have a great week.

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