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Communicating is the most important skill to test when hiring

“I would have written you a shorter letter if I had more time” is the modern-day translation of a quote from 17th century mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal.

It captures perfectly two of the most important disciplines of writing: precision and brevity.

Rambling, muddled, and lengthy writing is painful to read. It’s frustrating and confusing. It wastes time and productivity.

Bad writing doesn’t just impact writing-intensive departments like sales and marketing – it impacts every department.

The point is this: when hiring, assigning or promoting, choose the best writer.

Designers and programmers need to write well. Financial and operations executives need to compose clearly.

It’s important for all departments and here’s why: clear writing is proof of clear thinking.

Good writing is organized and easy to understand. It’s considerate of a reader’s time. It has a purpose and a point.

Websites, emails, proposals, and project plans and are all collections of words that need to be assembled and edited with care and thoughtfulness.

Good writing sets the stage for good ideas. It captures attention and persuades. It helps us connect and grow.

Have a great week.

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