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Everything is figureoutable

Ever feel stuck and scared? Having trouble getting started? Not sure what to do next?

All pretty normal and natural feelings, especially now during a global pandemic, but the key is to shake those feelings fast.

Marie Forleo is the author of Everything is Figureoutable. She writes and speaks about a variety of leadership, entrepreneurship, and overall self-improvement topics. She’s got a handy formula for figuring out anything. Here are the barriers to getting started on anything and her recommended solutions:

Barrier #1 – Lack of Clarity. Decide what you want and commit to it. Wishy washy goals equals wishy washy results. Get clear.

Barrier #2 – Excuses. Eliminate excuses. Can’t means won’t most of the time. Can’t disempowers us. Won’t empowers us. It’s about being 100 percent responsible for our actions.

Barrier #3 – One Key Missing Belief. Install this important master belief: Everything is Figureoutable. Beliefs are the roots for our fruits. Believe it and do it.

It’s a great reminder in good times and in bad. Work through problems, and write down the solutions. Then put them in action.

Figureoutable may be a made up word, but it’s got real meaning and implications.

Have a great week.

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