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Embracing a reality-based management style

Drama – gossiping, withholding buy-in, resisting change and avoiding accountability – is emotional waste.

And it’s unproductive, uncomfortable and exhausting.

That’s the thesis for Cy Wakeman’s leadership writing and consulting practice. She’s also the author of “Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses Into Results.”

I like Wakeman’s radical candor and straight talk. Here are her 10 rules for reality-based leadership:

  1. Reality-Based Leaders Refuse to Argue with Reality.
  2. Reality-Based Leaders Know that the Stress in Life Is Caused by Thoughts, not Realities.
  3. Reality-Based Leaders Greet Change with a Simple “Good to Know.”
  4. Reality-Based Leaders Value Action over Opinion.
  5. Reality-Based Leaders Work with the Willing.
  6. Reality-Based Leaders Lead First, Manage Second.
  7. Reality-Based Leaders Work to Bullet Proof Employees so that They Can Succeed, regardless of the Circumstances.
  8. Reality-Based Leaders Make the News Rather Than Report the News.
  9. Reality-Based Leaders Are Very Careful About What We Think We Know for Sure.
  10. Reality-Based Leaders Work to Be “Happy” Rather Than to Be “Right.”

Drama doesn’t help anything. It just takes away valuable time, energy and effort.

So ditch the drama, embrace reality, and drive better results.

Have a great week.

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