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Surefire tips for becoming a better writer

There is nothing more important than great writing in business.

Without great writing you have no hope of capturing attention, explaining problems, or persuading others to act, no matter how good your idea, product, or service may be.

While many consider good writing to be an art, there is much we can learn from neuroscience and psychology that can help anyone be a better, more effective writer.

Bill Birchard is the author of “Eight Secrets of Science for Aspiring Writers.” He outlines what he calls the eight S’s of writing that stimulate our brains and make us want to keep reading. Here they are:

Simplicity – short sentences, familiar words, and simple subject-verb structures keep readers engaged and moving forward.
Specificity – vivid, palpable, and detailed language paints a clearer picture for readers.
Surprise – unexpected turns provide a pattern-interrupt that prevents reader boredom.
Stirring – emotionally charged writing that produces fear, joy, disgust or awe, can spark reflexive feelings.
Seductiveness – we savor anticipation which is why starting your writing with questions, mysterious references, or prickly problems, puts readers on the edge of their seats – and keeps them there.
Smart Thinking – sharing smart ideas provides an “aha” moment and make readers feel smarter.
Second Person – use “you” and “your” when addressing your audience instead of general third-party references such as “a patient,” or “a customer.”
Storytelling – stories take us on a journey, put us in a moment, and tie it all together with meaning.

You can be a better writer when you apply a little science, psychology, and stimulation. Reward your readers and watch them reciprocate with higher engagement, improved comprehension, and more positive reactions.

Have a great week.

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