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Patrick Lencioni

Telling the kind truth

If you’re involved in client service or consulting you probably think regularly about the most productive ways to deliver the best advice and service. Patrick Lencioni, in his book “Getting Naked” outlines three main fears that can threaten strong and lasting client relationships:  fear of losing the business; fear of embarrassment; and fear of feeling inferior.

Patrick Lencioni
Patrick Lencioni

To overcome these fears, Lencioni recommends being completely transparent and vulnerable with clients. He says clients are more interested in candor, modesty and transparency than they are in confidence, authority and perfection. Here are a few of his ideas on getting naked with clients:

Tell The Kind Truth– Naked service providers and consultants confront clients (kindly) with difficult information and perspectives, even if the client might not like hearing it.

Ask Dumb Questions– Naked consultants ask potentially dumb questions because if those questions ultimately help their client, it is worth the potential embarrassment.

Give Away the Business– A naked consultant will give away their best ideas and start consulting to the prospective client during a sales call.

Always Consult Instead of Sell– In fact, they’ll do no real selling at all, foregoing that activity in order to find a way to help a client even if they never actually become one.

Another good point from Lencioni in his own words:

“Even beyond the world of clients, being naked has its benefits and advantages. When we can be vulnerable with the people we live and work with on a daily basis, we build stronger relationships, demonstrate our trust in them, and inspire them to improve by being vulnerable themselves.” 

Have a great week.

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